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Technical and industrial documentation

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Professional technical translation

Technical translation is used to exchange scientific and technical specialized information between the native speakers of different languages. By technical translation is meant the translation of technical texts.

Translation of technical texts into other languages is often required in such subjects as engineering, medical equipment, automotive engineering, oil and gas industry, maritime technical translation, aviation, power engineering, computer and information technologies, construction and many others.

Technical translation services include translation of drawings, all kinds of instructions, manuals, graphs, project documentation, etc. Any technically complex equipment must be accompanied with the pack of documents that describe its structure and operating procedure, which are needed to work with it. Such a translation may be required both for companies that import foreign equipment or raw materials, as well as for the local manufacturers who would like to discover new sales markets. For the translation of engineering texts, a professional technical translator is required. The cost of the error in this translation is very high, because, due to incorrect translation of only one word, the equipment can be operated incorrectly, which can lead to malfunctions in the operation of devices and result in the breakdown of expensive equipment. Therefore, the translation of technical texts should be handled by professional highly qualified technical translators who have sufficient knowledge in the subject area and extensive experience in technical translations. Such experts can be found at our translation bureau.

Due to the development of technological innovations, mobile devices have become an integral part of the life of modern man; as a result, the professional translation of the mobile application descriptions and translation of the engineering menu are in demand. Because of the large number of the companies developing software for mobile devices, services for translating technical specifications and mobile applications into other languages are also in great demand.

Translation of technical publications

The translation of technical literature can include operating and maintenance instructions, product catalogs and specifications, patents related to technical areas. The importance of this information is difficult to overestimate, it must be transmitted with extreme accuracy, and therefore, its translation must also be performed with the utmost precision and taking into account of such factors as abbreviations and difference in the measurement units. Among the texts, which the translators are faced with at the translation bureau, it is worth to be mentioned separately the translation of scientific and technical literature, which includes such texts as technical articles and scientific works. They involve all kinds of works aimed at research and development in technical areas. The purpose of scientific work can be the solution of the specific problems and achievement of the practical goals through applied scientific research, the acquisition of new knowledge through theoretical or experimental activities or the introduction of innovative projects. In order to be disseminated, this really important information should be translated, at least to the most important international language, that is, English.

The special mentioning should be made in concern with educational technical literature, which is used to train specialists in technical disciplines. If the work on the technical translation of the textbook is performed qualitatively, then the quality of training is greatly simplified and improved. To increase the level of education, a person studying a technical profession needs a wide selection of educational literature, so it is very important to ensure the translation of this information into other languages.

It is very difficult to overestimate the importance of technical literature. Its translation into other languages should be handled only by highly skilled technical translators. You can find them at the ‘Proferend’ technical translation agency, where technical translation services will be provided for you.

Special aspects of technical text translation

Texts on technical subjects are very diverse and the type of the text usually predetermines the qualification of translators who will work on it and the requirements for them. Based on experience, translation of texts with scientific and technical content requires the greatest professionalism from translators. The slightest sense distortion or inaccuracy in the content is capable of spoiling all the translators’ work, distorting the very essence of the texts. For this reason only narrow specialized professionals in a particular area should be allowed to translate the technical texts into another language.

Translation of technical literature requires from the translator to convey the meaning of the text in an understandable and accessible language without sense distortion. Such a language translation should also comply with the rules of producing company and these aspects should be known and accounted for by the specialists of translation agencies in their work.

‘Proferend’ bureau of technical translations invites you to cooperate. Thanks to modern information technologies, you will always receive professional technical translation in Moscow, Kiev, Minsk or any other city within the specified time-limits. Our experienced translators are always ready to provide you with services of the technical documents translation.



Subject: technical and industrial documentation
Translation: russian — endlish language

1. «Прозрачность» и доступность данных наблюдения для несанкционированных пользователей.
1. «Transparency» and availability of observation data for unauthorized users.
В настоящее время с помощью организованного сообщества радиолюбителей через сайт осуществляется наблюдение за полетами в Российской Федерации всех воздушных судов, оборудованных аппаратурой 1090 ES, в результате приема открытых сигналов от воздушных судов (ВС) в зоне прямой радиовидимости и отсылки полученной информации на указанный сайт.
Flight watch over all aircraft equipped with 1090 ES hardware is presently carried out in Russian Federation by means of organized Radio Amateurs Association, through web-site, as a result of open signals from aircraft (AC) radio line of sight reception and got information dispatch to the web-site.
В 2018 г. вводится в эксплуатацию группировка спутников Iridium 2-го поколения, оснащенных каналом приема сигналов 1090 ES.
Constellation of second-generation Iridium satellites equipped with signals 1090 ES reception channel will be put into operation in 2018.
АЗН-В сообщения будут поступать на указанные спутники, после чего через сеть спутников будут поступать на наземную станцию приема, расположенную в США.
ADS-B massages transmitted to the satellites will be sent through satellite network to earth receiving station located in the USA.
Тем самым заинтересованными службами будет осуществляться глобальное слежение за всеми ВС, оборудованными АЗН-В 1090 ES.
Global tracking over all AC equipped with ADS-B 1090 ES will be thereby conducted by involved services.

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