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Specific features of the work at the company ‘Proferend’

All significant scientific papers, research results and other scientific publications are very important for the evolution of mankind and should be available in any language of the world. Therefore, professional scientific translation services are in demand among scientists and research workers around the world.

For this reason ‘Proferend’ provides professional translation services of scientific texts around the world. For example, you are a Russian researcher who would like to publish his scientific paper in one of the American scientific journals. In that case, you can be certain that our scientific translation agency will translate the scientific article accurately and adapt the text for American readers, according to the requirements of this country. If you are not a native English speaker, it is especially important to translate your scientific publications and studies into English by a professional translation service

Scientific translation is quite complicated due to abundance of scientific terms. To translate scientific texts, the performer must have sufficient knowledge and understand the topic. Therefore, the translators of the ‘Proferend’ company are competent in various fields of science and education, which allow them to work on translating the scientific projects of graduate students, researchers, doctors and others associated with various scientific fields.

Advantages of scientific translation

An example from our own practice allows us to indicate with much accuracy the advantages of a scientific translation. Considering the customer’s order, which was the translation of a research paper containing technical characteristics, diagrams, graphs and the number of tables; it shows the complexity and at the same time the value of translation performed by a professional translator. Thanks to the higher education and many years of experience of our translators, ‘Proferend’ demonstrates a high-quality translation of the scientific article into English, which totally satisfies the client’s requirements.

Translation of scientific articles: our services

Research and study of terminology, as well as finding out which terms should be used depending on the context is the start of any scientific translation. In the most cases, we compose a glossary, which is then discussed with the client to ensure the accuracy of the translation for correct rendering the original content of the text. During the order fulfillment, we keep you informed about the translation process, and we can include new projects and ideas that you would like to add to the translated document at any time. Accurately translated documentation guarantee your customers that they have chosen the right services, while non-accurately translated documentation can seriously damage your company’s reputation.

Those who need scientific translation

Our main customers are scientists and research workers who need to translate their scientific articles into English for publication in scientific journals. Since we have professional highly skilled translators experienced in translating scientific researches for university research workers, we provide specialized translation services that meet the European requirements of specific publishers.

Features of cooperation with ‘Proferend’ company

The results of our company work leave no doubt as for the quality of the scientific texts translation. You can find examples of our translations of research papers on our website. They do not represent all or the main part of our work, but are intended to give a general idea of the scientific translation quality. You can also make a request for the test translation service. It is absolutely free and does not bind you to anything. At the same time, the test translation will allow you to verify the quality of our work.

In addition, the ‘Proferend’ company provides services for quality control and editing of already translated scientific texts. This can be useful in case you want to make sure of the honesty of the translation agency which you cooperate with and, if necessary, correct inaccuracies.



Subject: science and education
translation: ukrainian — english language

У дисертаційній роботі визначено, що дослідження сутності процесів регулювання є необхідною умовою розвитку сфери вищої освіти в Україні. Виявлені основні недоліки регулювання сфери вищої освіти.
The thesis defines that the research of the nature of regulation processes is a prerequisite for the development of higher education in Ukraine. The basic shortcomings of regulation of higher education are revealed.
Дослідження нормативно-правових документів показав недостатність стимулювання небюджетного фінансування розвитку системи вітчизняної освіти. Тому вирішення фінансових проблем між виробництвом і ВНЗ пропонується створення ендавменту й виконання замовлення роботодавців на підготовку кадрів.
The study of legal documents showed the lack of stimulation of non-budget financing of national education system. That is why, for solving financial problems between production and Universities it is proposed the creation of endowment and the implementation of employers’ order in specialist training.
На підставі проведених досліджень було уточнено поняття освітнього кластера, який розглядається як просторова модель організації інноваційних процесів у системі освіти, що передбачає об'єднання інтелектуальних, кадрових, фінансових і матеріальних ресурсів інноваційної системи території (регіону або держави в цілому) і спрямована на забезпечення зростання конкурентоспроможності випускників завдяки задоволення потреб всіх зацікавлених суб'єктів і економічного розвитку країни в цілому.
On the basis of the research a concept of education cluster, that is seen as a spatial model of innovation processes in the education system that will combine the intellectual, human, financial and material resources of innovation system of the area (region or country as a whole) and seeks to ensure growth of competitiveness of graduates through meeting the needs of all stakeholders and economic development in general was clarified.
Обґрунтовано напрямки вдосконалення процесів регулювання сфери вищої освіти на підставі аналізу економічних умов та сучасного стану потреб ринку, а також економічних умов формування освітніх кластерів в світі.
The directions of improvement of the processes of regulation of higher education are proved based on the analysis of economic conditions and the current state of the market needs, and economic conditions of formation of educational clusters in the world.

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