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Medicine and pharmacology

— Clinical examination

— Medical technology and equipment

— Social programs

— Hospitalization records and conclusions

— Medical certificates, clinical records

— Certificates of medical equipment quality

— Instructions for medical equipment

— TTranslation of medical and pharmaceutical articles

— Translation of licenses

— Translation of pharmaceutical packages and other materials

Specialized medical translation

Company ‘Proferend’ provides a high quality level of the medical texts translation and pharmaceutical translation services. Medicine is a specific and constantly developing science that includes unique terminology and is supplemented with new terms every day. In this regard, the translator must have special knowledge of the medical field, namely: confidently understand pharmacy, anatomy, know the Latin designations of wording that are accepted around the world, to understand medical equipment.

The price of a mistake in the translation of this subject matter is sometimes too expensive, as the equipment may become unusable or an incorrect diagnosis can be set. Therefore, one should entrust the translation of medical documents only to professionals in their field. The translators of our company unerringly orient in modern terminology. When contacting ‘Proferend’, you can be sure that your medical translation and pharmaceutical translation will be fulfilled on time and in full compliance with standard regulatory requirements.

Who orders the translation of medical documents at the company ‘Proferend’? First of all, these are state institutions, medical centers, research institutes, professional medical publications, etc. We are being contacted by our customers, due to compliance with strict requirements of confidentiality and information security provided by the company ‘Proferend’.

Compliance with regulatory requirements, standards and specifications, ensure the highest quality translation of even the most complex texts. Translations of the company ‘Proferend’ comply with the standards of BSEN-15038, ISO 12616: 2002 (Translation-oriented terminography), ISO 2384 2384: 1977 (Documentation – Presentation of translations).

Problems of medical translation and pharmaceutical translation

One of the main problems of medical translation and pharmaceutical translation is the language style. As a rule, doctors do not have enough time and the language of their presentation is very laconic, and the text is often difficult to understand. Also, many translation problems are caused by the ‘professional handwriting’ of medical staff, which is illegible. Our translators have a great experience in decoding and translating medical manuscripts.

Also one of the problems of healthcare translation services is the doctors’ reports in the format of an uneditable PDF-file, which has a poor quality of the text, as the documents are scanned or photographed with the phone camera and are given in a digital format. Our team converts the PDF file into an editable format (usually MS Word) and saves the page layout of the original document in the process of translation.

The translation company ‘Proferend’ also provides a service related to the translation of medical equipment instructions. Many foreign investors are attracted to our country that modernize medical institutions, clinics, centers. Most of the equipment is of foreign origin, therefore there is required translation of the equipment instructions, user manuals etc.

The company ‘Proferend’ provides high-quality and professional translation of the instruction texts and general medical documentation.

At the translation company ‘Proferend’ the professionals are working, who have many years of experience in the translation of medical equipment instructions. The company’s specialists translate texts, adapting them for native speakers. They adhere to all stylistic norms; take into account vocabulary, semantics and spelling. They have experience in translating even the most complex, highly specialized texts. After the translation of medical documents or instructions, all the texts undergo a mandatory editorial check, which is performed by a very experienced editor, a person with 20 years of experience in translation and editing, and that is why your translation is in hands of a professional, expert in his business.

In the instructions for medical equipment, graphic images are often present, namely diagrams or schemes that also require the translation. Our company will make the translation of graphic elements for you.

At the translation company ‘Proferend’, all the translated medical and pharmaceutical documents are subject to stringent сontrol for compliance with quality standards and relevance. A lot of time is spent on proofreading and editing of the documentation.

Reliable medical translation services

The processes of business globalization require from medical companies to develop multilingual documentation and marking that meets international standards when promoting company products in a certain territory.

Customers trust our expertise in the field of medical translation

Pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, manufacturers of medical equipment entrust the translation of the most complex and confidential medical documents to the company ‘Proferend’. An innovative approach to the organization of the medical documents translation process provides a single terminology, reducing the translation time by 34%.

For qualitative and effective medical care between the doctor and the patient there should be no misunderstanding and that is why the translation of medical reports is one of the main areas of the company’s activities. Translation bureau ‘Proferend’ will become an indispensable partner in this area.

Maintenance of medical documentation

With each new request of a patient to a health care centre, doctors provide the person with an informational agreement, clinical protocols, anamnesis statements, documents that are updated several times a year. In order for this service to be quick and efficient, we keep unique document patterns that were translated earlier and, if the situation requires – our translators use them for compliance testing. Due to this, medical translation of documents is made faster, and its cost is reduced.

Assessment of costs for medical translation services

To estimate the cost of the medical documents translation, you can simply upload the document, send the text, and our manager will contact you to clarify the details of work and agree the cost of the translation. If you have any questions, you can communicate with the company representative by clicking on the chat icon on this page.

The requirements for translation of medical texts

The requirements for translation of medical texts and documentation are very high. Before the beginning of work on the medical text, the translator must understand the full extent of his responsibility, because there are cases when someone’s life depends on the translation. It is necessary to understand well the terminology and the meaning of all the abbreviations and to be extremely attentive and accurate, taking into account all the nuances. Also, a medical translator needs to understand the Latin language, because the medicine is closely related to this language. And one more important point is the difficulty in understanding the doctor’s handwriting. This takes a long time and it may be necessary to contact the doctor who prepared the medical document, in order to avoid mistakes that could have negative consequences.

Translators with medical education perform medical translation. At the agency of medical documents translation ‘Proferend’ specialists translate medical texts from English, translate medical documents into English, fulfill translation of medical articles, translation of medical documentation, translation of medical literature, translation of medical texts from English into Russian, and translate medical texts into English, translate the pharmaceutical packages into English, Ukrainian, Russian and vice versa, and etc.

The agency of medical translation ‘Proferend’ provides the professional medical translation into English or the translation of medical documents from English into Russian and Ukrainian.




Subject: medicine and pharmacology
translation: ukrainian —english language

Найбільший досвід у лікуванні вірилізації – синдрому з порушенням діяльності надниркових залоз, мають ендокринологи – лікарі, що спеціалізуються на діагностиці та корекції діяльності ендокринної системи.
Endocrinologists, doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of glandular disorders, have the most expertise to deal with adrenal virilization.
Крім того, у подоланні цього відхилення пацієнтам можуть допомагати деякі лікарі, що спеціалізуються на лікуванні хвороб внутрішніх органів (терапевти), а також жіночої репродуктивної системи (гінекологи).
Some doctors who treat disorders of the internal organs (internists) and doctors who specialize in treating the reproductive system of women (gynecologists) may also be able to help patients with this disorder.
Діагностування включає багато лабораторних досліджень, яким піддаються зразки крові пацієнта.
Diagnosis involves performing many laboratory tests on blood samples from the patient.
Під час проведення цих аналізів встановлюється концентрація різних гормонів.
These tests measure the concentration of different hormones.
Певним захворюванням надниркових залоз притаманні відповідні гормональні відхилення.
Different abnormalities of the adrenal gland produce a different pattern of hormonal abnormalities.
Такі дослідження також допомагають визначенню причини захворювання, яка може бути пов'язана як з наднирковими залозами, так і з яєчниками.
These tests can also help determine if the problem is adrenal or ovarian.
При підозрі на наявність пухлини доцільно провести спеціальні рентгенівські обстеження з метою її візуалізації в тілі пацієнта.
If a tumor is suspected, special x rays may be done to visualize the tumor in the body.
Остаточний діагноз у цьому випадку може вимагати проведення мікроскопічного дослідження (біопсії) отриманого зразку тканини для визначення характеру пухлини.
Final diagnosis may depend on obtaining a tissue sample from the tumor (biopsy), and examining it under a microscope in order to verify its characteristics.

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