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IT translation is a translation in the field of information technology and is one of the most demanded and the most complex at the moment. In the daily sense, IT covers the creation, storage and transmission of information, while not limiting itself only to computer technology, but now IT is associated in particular with them. This is primarily due to the fact that it was the development in the field of computer technology that brought IT to a new level, as it happened previously with television, and even earlier – with industrial printing. IT is a set of technical and scientific fields of knowledge that are interrelated, and that study and apply in practice the methods of creating, storing and processing of information with the help of computer technology. Today all of the actions listed above, are performed using computer technology, and that is why IT usually refers to computer technology.

It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without the latest achievements of this field: the Internet, personal computers, mobile devices and other gadgets. In addition to personal convenience for the average person, all the advances in computer technology are actively used in the work of all reputable companies and corporations. In this regard, IT translation is often a necessity. By such a translation, you can also mean the website translation, and a guide to setting up and using TV, articles about assembling of a personal computer, and much more.

IT translation

Information technologies are successfully and widely used in almost all activity areas of the modern mankind: in entertainment (literature, cinema, music, games), in communication (e-mail, social networks, forums), in obtaining information (latest news, weather), for processing information (mathematical editors, video editing, sound, computer graphics), for training (textbooks, webinars, reference information, interactive lessons).

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of IT in the modern world, which causes the constant need for IT translation. A good translator specializing in information technology should not only perfectly know the language from which the translation is made, but also have a good understanding of computer information technology. And for this purpose, he must always be aware of the latest developments in this field, which encourages the specialist to constantly monitor the IT news.

At the translation company ‘Proferend’ our staff will be glad to render services of the professional IT translation. We work with English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. A qualified translator specializing in IT subjects will work on the IT translation of your text, after that translated text will pass through the proofreading and correction by technical editor with higher technical education.





Subject: IT and hardware
Translation: english — russian language

Customers are struggling with complex datasets that have large data volumes and growing rapidly. They need the ability to unlock the business insights that are hidden within. Customers have difficulty storing and accessing petabytes of data, billions of small files, as well as large media files. Both data volume and velocity make it costly to store it on traditional storage platforms. They need an on-premise, enterprise-ready data analytics to meet business requirements.
Обработка сложных наборов данных, характеризующихся быстрым ростом и без того больших объемов информации, ставит перед клиентами определенные задачи, требующие решения. Им необходим доступ к заключенной в этих наборах бизнес-аналитике. При работе с петабайтами информации, а также миллиардами небольших файлов и больших медиафайлов клиенты вынуждены преодолевать трудности, связанные с хранением данных и доступом к ним. Как объем, так и скорость обработки информации делают дорогостоящим ее хранение на традиционных платформах. Для удовлетворения требований бизнеса клиентам необходима локальная аналитика данных на корпоративном уровне.
The solution is an ECS Appliance along with HDFS compatibility that makes your storage infrastructure available as a Big Data repository. Leveraging ViPR HDFS, the ECS Appliance brings new value to your data. It provides your customers with the ability to efficiently store Petabytes of data, billions of small files and/or large media files in a low cost, state-of-art, commodity-based storage system.
Решение заключается в применении системы ECS Appliance и обеспечении совместимости с HDFS, что позволяет использовать собственную инфраструктуру хранилища в качестве репозитория больших данных. В кластере ViPR HDFS системы ECS Appliance данные получают новое значение. Это позволяет клиентам эффективно хранить петабайты информации, миллиарды небольших файлов и/или больших медиафайлов в низкозатратном аппаратно-базирующемся хранилище данных, отвечающем самым современным требованиям.
ECS Appliance improves your customer’s time to market for new products & applications leveraging Objects and HDFS delivered as a service. It also provides customers with the ability to enable analytics on their existing storage infrastructure without moving their data. This Next Gen Big Data Analytics solution is suitable for the business units that are trying to better understand their data and extract business insight.
Управление объектными данными и предоставление сервиса HDFS при реализации решения ECS Appliance позволяет клиентам сократить время выхода на рынок новых продуктов и приложений. Кроме того, это дает клиентам возможность включать аналитику имеющейся инфраструктуры хранилища без перемещения данных. Это ультрасовременное решение в области аналитики больших данных подходит для бизнес-единиц, где стремятся глубже понять поступающую информацию и получить подробные сведения о бизнес-процессе.

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