The first English-speaking version of Agroport digest

From the 5th till the 7th of October 2017 the international agro-industrial exhibition and farming development forum «AGROPORT» will take place in Kharkiv.

Specially for this event the several issues of «Agroport», containing the organizers and participants’ interviews, articles devoted to interesting people and a lot of useful information about this event.

This year for the first time, during the exhibition and forum holding the digest appeared in English. The digest translation was carried out by specialists of the «Proferend» translation agency that is the official partner of «Agroport 2017».

Among the articles translated for the first English version of the digest you can find the following materials:

  • the article dedicated to the event, that will take place during the three days of the forum. The short list of the events for the every day of the exhibition is presented in it;
  • the interview with the general manager of «AGROPORT Ukraine» Dmytro Tytarenko, it is referred to the Lviv forum and Agroport’s plans in Kharkiv;
  • the interview with Farukh Tairov, the coordinator of emergency situations Ukraine, where he touches the problem of the World Food Day;
  • the detailed plan of the strategic forum «World Food Day: foreign and domestic markets of food in Ukraine» with panel discussions, subjects of performances, etc.;
  • the article about Field Day, that will take place in the demonstration fields of the Kharkiv National Agricultural University named after V.V. Dokuchayev;
  • the interview with Mykhailo Malkov, where you can find the important information about climate and the agricultural adaptation;
  • the detailed discussion subject of the East Ukrainian session «Climate Smart Agroforum: The climate is changing – the agriculture is changing»;
  • the very informative article about the Bezkorovainys’ farm: «The contribution to health and longevity of the Ukrainian nation». Olena Beskorovaina kindly answered all the questions that were of interest to the editorial staff;
  • the article, that will present to you the results of the anniversary V Agroport, was held this year in April in Lviv, within the framework of it, the awards ceremony of the independent prize AGROPORT Awards Lviv 2017 took place;
  • reviews of guests and participants of the forum about the organized events and wonderful atmosphere, that reigns in forum.

You want to learn more – read, study “Digest Agroport“, that is available in English too, now. You will surely find for yourself something important, interesting and useful!

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