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The entertainment industry has moved far ahead thanks to the development of computer technology. Today those who want to have a good time are given a lot of opportunities. The amount of multimedia content produced cannot fail to impress. In Hollywood alone, several hundred feature films are produced each year, not to mention India, where this figure is at least twice as large. But there are also TV programs, documentary films, computer games and much more. And the distribution zone of this content is often not limited to the producing country, so it usually needs to be translated into the desired language, except that it is a silent movie and translation is not needed. (Though, even in a silent movie there are subtitles).

In addition to multimedia content, there are many other entertainments of the modern world (for example, all kinds of attractions), which use special equipment, that is often imported and also requires translation.

And we should not forget about various kinds of sports. Sports can be a source of entertainment, or can be a lifework. There is a huge amount of training materials, techniques for athletes, which have their own terminology, and which may also need to be translated into another language. Not to mention all kinds of special equipment and all kinds of simulators, the proper operation of which is very important. The health and life of a person, who makes use of them, can depend on them.

In his work, the translator sometimes encounters the translation of texts, which can be attributed to the topic of entertainment. Translation of such texts may seem simple, but it is only at first glance. On the one hand, translation, for example, of tourist brochures with a description of the route does not seem to be complicated. On the other hand, you can find many terms and abbreviations that are used by tourists.

When working with the sports texts, you also have to deal with terms and concepts inherent in it. In addition, certain knowledge of biology, anatomy, and even some knowledge in medicine and pharmacology are often required.

In areas where more attention is paid to entertainment, often used specialized equipment that is accompanied by instructions for repair and maintenance and other technical documentation. This also applies to the above-mentioned subjects. Various exercise machines are used in sports, and different navigation equipment is used in tourism. Also, there are much more examples.

In such seemingly uncomplicated subjects there are a huge number of nuances and ‘pitfalls’. And they, along with technical translations, require from the translator not only excellent knowledge of languages, but also specific knowledge of the required subjects.

At the ‘Proferend’ translation company you can order translation of any text from any subject of sports or entertainment. Our qualified translators will gladly carry out your order with the highest quality and within the agreed period.



Subject: 8. entertainment and sports
Translation: russian — english language

Здравствуйте! Прежде, чем купить оборудование для аренного лазертага, предлагаем Вам познакомиться с этой игрой.
Аренный лазертаг — это аттракцион имитирующий космический поединок, который появился в середине 80х годов в США. Также, он известен под названиями: Cosmozar, Q-zar, Lasertag. Участники здесь вооружены специальным оборудованием: бластерами, стреляющими инфракрасными лучам и жилетами с датчиками поражения.
Welcome to the club! Let's gain a familiarity with the game before buying Indoor Laser Tag equipment.
Indoor Laser Tag is entertainment attraction imitating space combat which had its genesis in the middle 80s in USA. It is also known as Cosmozar, Q-zar and Lasertag. Players are armed here with special equipment such as infra-red blasters and vests with hit sensors.
Главное отличие аренного лазертага от внеаренного, это то, что сражение происходит в специально оформленном помещении, которое выполнено в виде либиринта разукрашенного яркими красками светящимися в темноте. Игра, как правило, проходит под музыкальное сопровождение, дополняющее атмосферу лазерного боя. Оборудование и сама арена имеет футуристический дизайн. Благодаря тому, что каждый выстрел из бластера подсвечивается лазером, поединки на арене выглядят особенно антуражно.
Indoor Laser Tag involves you into battle arena in the form of labyrinth graffitied with fluorescent paints. The battle takes place within door (it is radical departure from Outdoor Laser Tag), with music supporting combative atmosphere. Both equipment and arena are of futuristic style. Each shot is accompanied by lasing, which renders a special touch to the battle.
В среднем, игровое время составляет 15-20 минут, за которое участники успевают сразиться по нескольким сценариям. В зависимости от сценария, в аренном лазертаге может использоваться дополнительное оборудование (контрольные точки, аптечки и прочее). На протяжении всего сражения игроки могут наблюдать за онлайн статистикой, которая выводится на большой экран. Каждый из участников может увидеть результативность своей игры.
At the average, playing time takes from 15 to 20 minutes providing several battle scenarios for players. Depending on scenario, additional equipment may be used in Indoor Laser Tag (witness points, medical packs, etc.). Throughout the combat, players can in online mode observe the statistics on large-screen. Each player may see own results rating.
В связи с тем, что игры здесь проходят на близком расстоянии, с высоким темпом и плотностью боя, производителями предъявляются повышенные требования к безопасности и прочности аренного оборудования. Именно поэтому, связь оружия и жилета осуществляется проводным путём, а бластеры, оснащаются резиновыми бамперами и датчиками блокировки стрельбы одной рукой.
Taking into account that games are carried out at short range, high tempo and high-density fire, manufacturers come upon strict safety and reliability requirements as to arena equipment. That's exactly why weapons and vest are wire bonded, and blasters equipped with rubber bumpers and sensors preventing shooting with only one hand.
В эту игру с большим удовольствием играют по всему миру, как взрослые, так и дети. Спустя 30 лет после своего появления, аренный лазертаг продолжает развиваться в ногу со временем и компания ST яркий тому пример. Разработка собственной аренной системы, позволила нам подарить игрокам новые эмоции и дополнительный интерес, а владельцам арен, возможность в полной мере реализовать свой потенциал, благодаря проверенной надёжности и передовому функционалу оборудования.
Children and adults play with great pleasure this game from pole to pole. Indoor Laser Tag rages on in tune with the times three decades after the advent, and ST is the case in point. Own Laser Tag arena system development enabled us to give new emotions and additional interest as a gift for the players as well as it made possible for owners implementing to the full extent theirs potential capacities by virtue of the equipment proven dependability and leading-edge functionality.

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