Apostille of documents

Apostille of the documents

Apostille is attached to the documents required by the state organizations of foreign countries. Apostille is a special stamp, which has been approved at the international level. The original documents are stamped in order to confirm the originality and authenticity of all the essential elements. Apostille of the documents is legitimate and justified only for the states that participated in the Hague Convention in 1961.

Apostille on the documents serves as a universal sample, which is provided to confirm the authenticity of a document or a copy that has been notarized. Apostille is put on the document for presentation to the state organizations. For example: the diploma of education, the graduation certificates, the employment record, etc.

Apostille, legalization of your documents

Apostille is provided depending on the document, which you want to confirm. It is needed for legal confirmation. By the legalization of the documents is meant the act that gives them legitimacy and legal force.

Notarization is the most frequent form of legalization, because it is used to certify the official documents and their copies. Such a document is valid in the country where it has been certified and in other countries, where it is necessary to certify documents with the apostille.

Consular legalization is used in the foreign trade activities and is a complex form of legalization under the registration procedure.

What is the meaning of apostille?

Apostille is a stamp that was approved by the Hague Convention in 1961. The purpose of creating this stamp was to simplify the procedure of legalization at the international level. Apostille is used to confirm the authenticity of a person’s signature. The document, in which there is the apostille, receives legal force and does not need further legalization and certification.
The apostille stamp is put in English or French and in the official language of the country where legalization will be provided. The inscriptions on the stamp are printed in English, French and the official language of the respective country.

What apostille is needed for?

According to the first article of the Hague Convention, it is allowed to leave the documents without an apostille in such branches as:

  • Customs;
  • Commerce;
  • Documents that were issued by consular services.

These documents pass the consular legalization. The complex procedure makes it possible to control commercial organizations and enterprises.

On what documents apostille can be put?

Apostille is put on official documents for various purposes.

The variant is possible when the apostille is required for notarial documents.

According to the Hague Convention, this includes such documents as:

  • administrative documents;
  • notarial acts;
  • documents received from the government authorities;
  • official documents.

The apostille is important for personal documents. Apostille is placed on the original of the official document or on a notarized copy. There are cases when an apostille is placed only on the original document, or the apostille is placed on the copies of documents. The following examples can be illustrated by the following original documents: contract, application, etc. The copies include, for example, a certificate of registration with the tax authorities. It is needed to specify all the details and requirements of organizations for which you should perform apostillation of your documents when accepting the order. The validity period of the apostille is limited only by the validity period of the document, which is subject to certification.

Translation of documents with an apostille

Sometimes translators are asked not only to put an apostille on the original documents, but also to translate documents with an apostille. In this case, there are several solutions to the problem:

  • Fulfillment of the translation of the original or notarized copy of the document, which includes the seal and the signature of the notary. The translation is attached to the document, passes the procedure of notarization and is provided for To notarize the document, you need to contact an experienced notary.
  • Translation of the apostille on the original document. And then the document needs to be translated into the language that the customer has specified. To give legal effect to the document, it is necessary to notarize it and put an apostille on it.


To put an apostille, you need to provide the organization with such documents as:

  • Identity card
  • Application for apostillation
  • Documents for apostille
  • Document on the state fee payment.

In order to proceed with the certification of your documents for other countries, it is necessary to clarify the requirements for the documents certification in the institutions that deal with these issues in order to avoid mistakes, inaccuracies, confusion of the documents. Details are of great importance.

Written translation

Written translation is an interpretation of a text in another language, accurately preserving the meaning, style and structure of the source text. Translation services are important when it is necessary to keep documentation in different languages, when buying expensive imported equipment, or when the company’s intent is to enter foreign markets, and in many other cases.

Translation of documents

Certified translation of documents into English, Russian, Ukrainian and vice versa is the main focus area of the translation company ‘Proferend’. Our company deals with the documents translation of various types: passports, certificates, diplomas, technical instructions, legal agreements, etc.

Translation of audio formats

By the decoding is meant the conversion of audio or video format into a text format, performed by repeated listening and then writing.
After decoding, it becomes possible to make a translation with the possibility of a subsequent over- dubbing.

Apostille of documents

Apostille on the documents serves as a universal sample, which is provided to confirm the authenticity of a document or a copy that has been notarized. Apostille is put on the document for presentation to the state organizations. For example: the diploma of education, the graduation certificates, the employment record, etc.

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