We erase language barriers and solve problems of any complexity level.

 Fulfillment of obligations, compliance with regulatory requirements and punctuality are the main priorities of the company’s activities.

The professional translation agency ‘Proferend’ complies with the following standards:

  • BSEN-15038
  • ISO 12616:2002 (Translation-oriented terminography)
  • ISO 2384 2384:1977 (Documentation – Presentation of translations)
  • other national and international standards.

Professional translators are the main achievement of the translation agency ‘Proferend’. Linguists of our translation company have an inspiring connection with a foreign language, as well as the ability to establish all the communication nuances that arise in the process of work.

The translation agency ‘Proferend’ provides translation services for such subject matters as: technology and industry, jurisprudence, economics and finance, marketing and advertising, IT and computer technology, medicine and pharmacology, science and education, entertainment and sports.

The main purpose of our translation agency is to understand your values ​​and goals, in addition to the documents translation. We believe that one of the main difficulties of international business lies in the problems in communication and inaccuracies in translations. Also in the world market, the dissemination of information about a brand or company in the appropriate form is of
primary importance
. Therefore, the main key to the company success is business-like, proper communication with the foreign clients and partners in their language and providing them with accurate information.

The main tasks of our translation company:

• we erase language barriers;
• we solve problems of any complexity;
• fulfillment of our obligations in the strict compliance with regulatory requirements and in the punctual manner is the main priority of our work.

Advantages of the Proferend translation agency

73 000

hours of accumulated experience of our employees


years in the translation market


large projects

Why do customers choose our translation agency?

Talented specialists demonstrate a professional approach to the fulfillment of the translation tasks of any complexity. The translation company ‘Proferend’ has modern mechanisms and innovative systems that ensure the efficiency of our work and promptness in the projects handover. The translation agency ‘Proferend’ guarantees you the translation services of the highest quality level.

Keys to success of the translation agency ‘Proferend’:

  • Long-term partnership;
  • Work with technically complex projects;
  • Modern software;
  • Regular participation in the conferences, forums, trainings;
  • Expansion of the service list;
  • Individual approach and favourable working conditions

Translation agency ‘Proferend’ adheres to the following principles:

1. Accuracy of the translation. The main purpose of the translation is to convey the original meaning in another language. Translated text, that accurately conveys the essence, is the main sign of quality and reliability.
2. Grammar. Semantic accuracy of the translation is only one part of the completed order. Translation must be performed professionally and without grammatical mistakes.
3. Glossary. The main condition of a quality translation is strict adherence to the terminology that is used in this field. This is very important for technical, legal and medical subject matters.
4. The style of the text. The translated text retains the original style, as each document must comply with the certain norms and standards.
5. Quality control. Before the handing-over of the order, each document passes a multistage quality assessment, which excludes typos. Also, the professional graphic design of the document is evaluated for its compliance with all the requirements of the customer.



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